Spondylolisthesis in Grand Rapids


A spondylolisthesis ("Spondylo" or "Spondy" for short) is anterior movement of a vertebral body. The word itself is derived from Greek: spondylos = vertebra, listhesis = slippage. There are 5 types of spondylolisthesis:

  1. Dysplastic - Congenital defect (you were born with it)
  2. Isthmic - stress fracture (most common), elongated structure, acute fracture (rare)
  3. Degenerative - Arthritis
  4. Traumatic - fracture
  5. Pathologic - due to a bone disease (cancer, Paget's, etc.)

Spondylolisthesis overall occurs most commonly at L5 (90%) but degenerative type is most commonly at L4. Very rare incidence also occurs in the cervical spine (neck). The severity of a spondylo is determined by a grading system determined by the amount of slippage that has occurred but the amount of slippage is not directly related the the amount of symptoms experienced.

  • Grade I = 0-24%
  • Grade II = 25-49%
  • Grade III = 50-74%
  • Grade IV = 75-99%
  • Grade V = 100%

Associated Symptoms and Conditions

  • Approximately 50% are asymptomatic
  • Low Back Pain
  • Pain/Numbness/Tingling/Weakness in legs and feet (Sciatica)
  • Muscle tightness in Low Back and Legs
  • Possible "clicking" in lower back with forward bending
Spondylolisthesis x-ray Grand Rapids MI
Spondylolisthesis x-ray Grand Rapids MI

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