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Medical professionals at hospitals often see patient visits from those suffering from sciatica in Grand Rapids. Countless individuals across the country deal with sciatica pain and search endlessly for relief. Often, the condition becomes more aggravated the longer it goes improperly treated. Our chiropractic clinic in Grand Rapids has put together the following information to clarify how best to manage sciatica and even find long-term relief.

Those who suffer from sciatica are all too familiar with the symptoms. Sciatica pain can range from mild to severe. The location of the pain is typically restricted to the lower extremities and can be intermittent in nature. It is not uncommon for individuals to feel the pain worsen if the condition goes untreated.

Sciatica in Grand Rapids

The regions of the spine that are most susceptible to being the root of sciatica problems are the lumbar and pelvic areas. At these locations, the delicate structures of the spine can make it challenging to find the root of the pain. Our staff is experienced at finding the root of your pain and afterward will work to realign your spine to correct the problem and relieve your pain.

Many of our patients before receiving treatment find that a simple task such as trying to tie their shoelaces kick-started their severe discomfort. It can seem that sciatica pain can suddenly affect people out of the blue, but the truth is that the root of sciatica develops over a long period of time and suddenly rears its head when the last needle breaks the haystack.

How Long Until My Sciatica is Treated?

The amount of time it takes for a patient to find relief from their sciatica can depend on a variety of factors, such as severity and length of time affected by the condition. It is not uncommon for some patients to find relief immediately while other patients respond after repeated, continuous treatments over a longer timeline. What drives healing is primarily the state of the spine and the discs within it that must be realigned. Thankfully, it is commonplace for us to help patients find relief much quicker than it took for them to develop the condition.

The number of Americans who go through with risky medical procedures on their back is astonishing, with the number of fully successful surgeries woefully low. Some research shows that over a 5-year timeline, only fifteen out of every one hundred surgeries results in effective relief. You deserve better odds than that.

If you are ready to experience pain relief that lasts and avoiding costly surgeries that can irreversibly damage your back, contact the chiropractic team at Kaminski Chiropractic PLLC in Grand Rapids for your free consultation.


Sciatica is a generalized term referring to any condition that is causing interference/pressure/irritation to the sciatic nerve and is classically described as pain shooting down the back of the leg(s). The sciatic nerve is formed from several different nerve roots (L4-S3, 5 total) and is the largest nerve in the human body. Because of its size and complex origin, this can result in a wide-spread area that is affected. Irritation at any one of the nerve roots can replicate symptoms from another, making determining the actual site of irritation quite complicated.

Most Common Causes

Considering sciatica is a generalized term there are several different causes. Subluxation of a lumbar vertebrae, the sacrum, or the pelvis can lead to sciatic nerve irritation.

Associated Conditions and Symptoms

  • Lower back pain
  • Pelvic / Sacroiliac Pain
  • Disc issues / herniation
  • Degenerative Disc Disease
  • Pain/Numbness/Tingling/Weakness in the leg(s) or foot/feet
  • Spondylolisthesis
  • Buttock/Glut Pain
  • Stenosis
  • Menstrual issue / Erectile Dysfunction
  • Digestive issues
  • Bowel/Bladder issues
  • Infection
  • Piriformis Syndrome
  • Tumor


Leaving low back issues untreated could result in complications including but not limited to:

  • Nerve damage
  • Muscle Atrophy
  • Inability to balance / stand / walk

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