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Whiplash – What Exactly Is Whiplash?

Whiplash in Grand Rapids MI This is part 1 of a three part series where we’re going to cover whiplash in-depth. This write-up is meant to be easy to follow and not a research article. We’re going to discuss what whiplash is, what the effects are and what can be done for treatment and recovery.…

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July Spotlight

Whiplash in Grand Rapids MI

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June Spotlight

June Spotlight

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Is It Bad To Crack Your Own Spine in Grand Rapids?

Is It Bad To “Crack” My Own Spine in Grand Rapids MI? “Is it bad to ‘crack’ my own spine?” I wrote a blog about this on my LinkedIn page (read original blog) back in November but the question gets asked every week. Although it seems like a simple and gentle movement with a little…

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“I’ve had Surgery, I can’t get Chiropractic Care in Grand Rapids.” FALSE

“I’ve had surgery, I can’t get chiropractic care in Grand Rapids MI.” FALSE Chances are you know someone who has had some type of back or neck surgery. Whether it’s been from having a “bad back” for years or after some type of accident. A common rebuttal I get is “I’ve had surgery” or “my…